• Welding procedures

  • Welding procedure testing

  • Welder training

  • Welder testing

  • Mechanical laboratory testing

  • Ongoing quality audits


  • The Global Procedure School of Welding (GPS) was created by Brian Finnie to train high-end talent for the welding industry. Mr. Finnie has over 15 years of experience at BCIT (Burnaby Campus) as an Instructor/Industry Services Coordinator teaching welding.  He has also been a member of the Advisory Committee for ITAC (Industrial Trades Apprenticeship Commission) and Graduate Provincial Instructor of UBC .

  • With 30 years experience in the field as a Multi National ASME/API Pressure Welder,  Mr. Finnie is recognized as a leading expert in the Western Canadian market in pipeline welding and construction.

  • GPS has polytechnic ties with Kwantlen College, BCIT and a welding school in India.  GPS and the relationships it maintains provide a distinct and unique advantage in its ability to create on-demand manpower for its operations.  GPS can also source and train new welders as required thus supporting Jewel’s aggressive growth strategy and industry competitiveness.  Having this school onsite next to Jewel’s main operations also enables Jewel to keep its team current with the latest welding technology and procedures.

  • At GPS we understand that the proper welding program is an investment in your company’s success and our welding procedures and technical work instructions ensure the quality of your welded products, reduce the need for expensive re-work and ensure that your welders are working productively.  As required by standards, job specifications and your organization’s specific requirements.

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