Sakwi Creek Pipeline

Nov 2013 to Sept 2014. Cost of scope $600K. This project is 4.5km long 24’’ diameter pipeline. Located just below Hemlock Valley ski resort. Challenging rough terrain with steep grades, and small diameter pipes. We were also contracted to paint full lengths of pipe for this project.

Altagas, North West Projects

July 2014 to Oct 2015. Cost of scope $3 million. Volcano Creek, McLymont creek and Forrest Kerr, this work started with the Volcano Creek run of river 2km of 60.’’ Upon completion, we went right into McLymont Creek 500m of 10’ pipe. All the fitting, welding, lining, coating and the bifurcations. After the first 2…

Port Mann Tunnel Repairs

Jan 2016 to Dec 2016. Cost of scope $800K. We were called in after the original painting contractor was removed. At first, we were only hired to do the lining, then we were given the remainder of the welding scope to complete the job. All this work was done on T&M basis.

Powell River, Penstock #4 Repair

Feb 2016 to Nov 2016. Cost of scope $1.6 million. Repair and refurbishment of 1500’ of 14’ diameter steel penstock originally constructed in 1926. Fabricated and installed several hundred ½” thick reinforcement plates. Replaced two 50’ long penstock sections, one of which was installed at a 45-degree working angle under the pipe gallery in the…