Jericho Pump Station

We are currently working on the Jericho pump station replacement for Metro Vancouver. The project includes the application of a surface tolerant corrosion solution to extend the life of the piping infrastructure that is being installed. Our team of industrial pipe coating specialists has applied thermoplastic membranes for the protection of metal components.

Cap 9

Jewel installed 1.86 km of 7 foot diameter pipe line running along Capilano road in North Vancouver. The pipeline installation stretched from the Capilano water shed to Edgemont Blvd , where it ends with two chambers. The Cap 9 project had various challenges which included a compressed delivery schedule and complex pipe fabrication requirements. Project…

Powell River Penstocks 2 & 3

October 2019 to April 2020. Cost of scope $6 million. This started out as a small leak in the penstock. And after inspection the customer engaged Jewel to re-plate the entire bottom of the two penstocks with 3/8 and ½ steel. This was considered an emergency repair. Work had to ramp up quickly and was…

Wellons Canada

This work has gone on for over 6 years. Estimated cost of work $300K+. We have performed many projects for Wellons, including but not limited to: Glycol, gas, utility pipe spooling, both carbon and stainless steel work for customers like EnCana, Spectra Energy, MEG energy, and more.