Jewel Holdings Ltd.

Jewel Holdings Ltd. is an award-winning fabrication, welding and protective coatings contractor with a reputation for executing difficult projects in a timely and efficient manner. While Jewel’s primary work is in welding and coatings, we have affiliated companies that can support pipeline construction, end to end.

Over the past 17 years, Jewel has consistently performed all related aspects of mechanical installations on more than 50 pipelines throughout the Lower Mainland, including remote and difficult pipeline projects completed across British Columbia.

Jewel has experience building pipelines in a variety of environments, including urban areas, steep mountain terrain and through tunnels. In the process of adapting to these different environments, Jewel has developed work procedures and assets to address the needs unique to each environment.

Innovation Through Building Pipelines in Challenging Environments

We have created specialized welding skids that eliminate the need for vehicles in the Right of Way or Work Areas.

We have created Insulated Work Habitats that reduce noise and contain fumes, dust and debris from work activities, while providing safety for the worker.

Our innovative Sound-proof Enclosures allow for the operation of dewatering pumps and other equipment that may need to be operated outside of standard working hours.

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Fabrication & Installation
of Valve Chambers

Fabrication & Installation
of Manifold Systems

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Pipe Spooling

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